My Girlfriend Keeps Liking Pictures of Some Hot Guy on Facebook

Are these facebook likes harmless? Or a sign that something is going on?

Every time my girlfriend or I post a picture on Facebook, some hot male friend of hers likes and comments on it.

I did a little Facebook stalking and saw that he’s a straight male model. Not only that, my girlfriend has “liked” every single one of his recent, sexy pictures.

It’s starting to stress me out. We’ll post a picture of us somewhere, and he’ll always comment with stuff like, “I wasn’t invited?” And he adds the ever-obnoxious “winky face.”

My girlfriend said he’s just a friend she hasn’t seen in years, but I’m not so sure. I feel like they might’ve hooked up. And now every time I see his stupid comments, my mind goes there.

Should I worry about some hot guy posting on my girlfriend’s Facebook? Or am I overreacting? Should I ask her to unfriend him . . . or is that insane?

Quinn, 27

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