My Husband Wakes Me Up Just to Tell Me He’s Going to Sleep

Co-sleeping can be difficult, whether it’s your kids, or your spouse. How do you get past those issues?

When I first met my husband, he could never fall asleep cuddling because he gets too hot.

I can accept that, but I hate the way he wakes me up when I’M the one who falls asleep.

We’ll be lying in bed watching a movie, I’ll cuddle up with him, and eventually fall asleep on his chest.

But after I’ve drifted off, he’ll actually wake me up and say, “I’m sleepy. Time for bed!” Then he’ll move me over to the other side of the bed.

Can’t he just indulge me one time and let me sleep on him? Is it really necessary to wake me up just to tell me to get off of him?

Jenny, 38

What do you think? Should you wake up your spouse if they’re asleep on you? What if they’re just in your “space” do you wake them, or deal?

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