My Roommate Ate All the Toppings Off My Pizza

Having a roommate is challenging enough, without them messing with your pizza.

I ordered pizza Monday night, and told my roommate he could have the leftovers for lunch the next day.

But when I came home yesterday, the pizza was still in the fridge . . . except he’d eaten all the toppings off it. That’s like someone eating the skin off your KFC. There’s no point eating it after that. 

I was so mad, because I was PSYCHED when I saw he’d left it. Reheating leftover pizza is the best snack.

And he didn’t even apologize. He just said he was hungry, and that I’d TOLD him he could have the leftovers . . . so who cares if he just ate the toppings?

I know it’s weird, but I’d rather he’d just eaten the pizza instead of messing with it like that. Isn’t there some kind of code when it comes to eating someone else’s leftovers?

Brendan, 23

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