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Nacho Fries and Escaped Animals | Morning Show Podcast With Extras

Jon’s “no more babies” surgery may not have gone as well as he hoped, Justin recaps The Grammys, and Jackson might steal your dog.

All this, plus we interview Taylor Isom from Utah Royals FC, Utah’s new NWSL team.

Listen to “Nacho Fries and Escaped Zoo Animals” on Spreaker.

Pallas Cat Escape
Mushu, the 10-month-old Pallas Cat has escaped from the zoo! But look at his little face.


Taylor Isom 
One of the newest players on the newest professional women’s soccer team. Taylor Isom from the Utah Royals stopped by our studio to talk about the upcoming season and help us  celebrate National Kazoo Day.

Listen to “Utah Royals FC First Draft Pick Taylor Isom” on Spreaker.



Jackson’s Podcast
Jackson hosts a mental health/advice podcast with a licensed clinical therapist that we’ve mentioned a few times on the show. Here is the newest episode.



Bruno Mars and Cardi B Finesse
If you have been hiding from this video, it finally found you. Enjoy it.



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