Angel Has Fallen  (R)

Gerard Butler returns as secret service agent Mike Banning from the “Olympus Has Fallen” and “London Has Fallen” movies.

In this one, Morgan Freeman is now the President and Banning gets framed for an assassination attempt when a fleet of drones wipes out the rest of his secret service detail and the president ends up in a coma.

So now Banning’s on the run from the FBI, trying to clear his name.  Jada Pinkett Smith is the agent trying to uncover the truth, Piper Perabo takes over the role of Butler’s wife, and Nick Nolte has a cameo as his Vietnam vet dad.

Overcomer  (PG)

Hundreds of families leave town after a plant shuts down, so a high school basketball coach is left without a team and agrees to switch sports to coach cross country instead.  But only one girl shows up for try-outs . . . and she’s got asthma.

Brittany Runs a Marathon  (R)

Comedian Jillian Bell is scared by her doctor into getting healthier and reluctantly starts taking control of her life.  So she sets a goal of running in next year’s 26-mile New York marathon . . . even though she gets winded just running around the block.

The Peanut Butter Falcon  (PG-13)

A kid with Down Syndrome runs away to chase his dream of becoming a professional wrestler.  Shia LaBeoufagrees to help him get to the wrestling school, and convinces Dakota Johnson to come with them after she tracks them down.


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