New Trailers for Movies Coming Out Soon

Are audiences really going to flock to theaters for a three-hour-and-10-minute sequel to a 2009 movie?  Maybe the new trailer for “Avatar: The Way of Water” will convince them to.

The movie hits theaters December 16th.


Do we need another take on “A Christmas Carol”?  If it’s a musical take starring Will FerrellRyan Reynolds, and Octavia Spencer, I’m gonna go ahead and say yes.

Spirited” hits theaters November 11th and Apple TV+ on the 18th.


The legendary Shelley Duvall has been absent from the screen since 2002, battling mental health issues.  But she makes her return with a cameo in an indie werewolf movie called “The Forest Hills”.

There’s no word when it’ll be out, but Shelley says, quote, “It was a lot of fun and I’m excited to be back.”

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