No FOMO Quarantine Edition Week of 04/16

As we approach another weekend in quarantine, you may feel a little strapped on ideas.  Here are some fun things to bide the time this weekend.  


Family Photo Shoot

Dress up in old costumes or fancy outfits and have a photoshoot.  Not only will it pass the time, you can send the pics to family as a way to check in!


Film a Newscast

Speaking of checking in with family, film a family news cast to send to them.  Report on what you’re making for dinner, go live on location as dad tries a DIY project, or just update the fam on quarantine life.


International Dinner Night or Week

Try making new dishes from different countries for a night or make it a full week.  You can turn it into a homeschooling event by studying the countries, use math in recipes and more!  May I suggest an English Tea party?


Make Mother’s Day Cards

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it.  Start making those cards!


Make a Time Capsule

It’s a perfect time to make something like this.  You can look back on what quarantine was like and it will be a fun thing for the family to make and look back on.


Take a Bread Making Class 

London Bakery ‘Bread Ahead‘ hosts live classes on Instagram.  Learn how to make bread from the masters!

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