No FOMO Week of 04/02

Here are more fun ways to spend your quarantine time.


Write a Letter

Especially, for Nana’s.  Taking the time to write a Thank You note or a sweet We Miss You can go a long way.  We have extra time anyway, so let our loved ones know how much they are loved.


Host a Home Paint Night

There are so many how-to’s on youtube.  Why not sit down with the family and paint a fun picture together. 


Set Up Outdoor Obstacle Course


Listen to an Astronaut Read from Space

Yes!  This is a thing!  Astronauts reading stories from space!


Watch the African Wildlife Cam!

Check out this wild life cam on  It’s set by a watering hole in Africa.  Catch an abundance of animals who visit the spot each day.


Make Rainbow Ice Paint

It’s a new way for kids to be creative and make some cool abstract art!


Take a Virtual Tour on a Glider

Explore different areas and landscapes on a Virtual Glider!

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