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Radioactive Crocodiles Take Over RV Park | Morning Show Podcast With Extras

Jon harassed some blind people then performed a parking-lot marriage, Justin takes an inappropriate water break, and Jackson needs to use his arms and legs more. 

All this, plus Jackson is back on the streets for #105DaysofLove and Kristal joins us for No FOMO.

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Jon Performs Emergency Marriage Ceremony
Jon’s 105 days of love act was to perform an emergency wedding for a couple that wasn’t able to see the judge. So they met halfway in Sugarhouse Park and had the ceremony in the parking lot.


Interview with Queer Eye Star Tan France

Listen to “Tan France From Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye'” on Spreaker.


And in case you missed it earlier this week, here is the rousing game of Love it or Leave it we played with him.



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