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Random Acts of Kindness – Day 31

Today is…

National Shoe the World Day
Act Happy Day

When someone is happy they are joyful and content, and today is a day to act as if that is how you feel. This is not done merely to make people believe you are happy but to actually get yourself to feel happier. Act Happy Day was created by Dr. Dale Anderson of St. Paul, Minnesota, who also created National Wellderly Day on the same day in 2004. He created them “in an effort to promote the health benefits of happiness, humor, and laughter.”

According to Dr. Anderson, acting happy will have a positive effect on your day. By getting into the act of happiness, eventually the happiness will catch on. Part of the transformation to being happy comes from within. Dr. Anderson recommends starting each day with a fifteen-second belly laugh. The act of laughing releases endorphins which benefit mood. Not only can humor and laughter have a positive effect on a day, they can benefit overall health long term. Acting happy can also help with success with human relationships and work. For example, business people who are upbeat will find success, and those who act happy will have better customer relationships. Even if things don’t seem very happy in your life, if you act like you are happy, by smiling and laughing, you are on your way to actually being happy.

How can you spread kindness?

  • Take some shoes you don’t wear enough to the homeless shelter for those in need!
  • Smile to a stranger!
  • Make a positive impact on someone else’s day by spreading happiness

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