Ryan Lochte Seeking Treatment For ‘Serious Alcohol Addiction’

An Incident on Thursday Brought Locthe to the Realization he May Need Help

Ryan Lochte has acknowledged that he has a “serious” alcohol problem after an incident at a hotel in Southern California. TMZ Sports was the first to report the story.

The apparent incident happened at a hotel in Newport Beach on Thursday morning. An inebriated Lochte allegedly tried to kick in his own hotel room door around 3 a.m. Hotel security responded to the incident and contacted law enforcement. Lochte was able to work things out with the hotel and charges were not filed.

This incident has made Lochte realize that he has been dealing with an “alcohol addiction” and wants to address the issue before it becomes worse.

Lochte was arrested in Brazil in 2016 after a drunken incident during the Olympic Games.

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