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Shoot the Tube | Jackson on the Streets

Well, that was terrifying. 

For years people have flocked to the mouth of Parley’s Canyon for an age-old tradition: Shoot the Tube. 

At the base of Suicide Rock, you will find the opening to a drainage pipe. Suicide Rock, the pipe, and most of the surrounding area is well-known for graffiti. 

When you reach the mouth of the tube, you will find an assortment of constructions signs and ropes. Your goal is to build a sufficient dam, trapping water in the reservoir.  Once the reservoir is at a reasonable depth, you or a partner yank the signs which release the water and “shoots” you down the tube. 

It was super fun but pretty dangerous and probably illegal. I’d recommend leaving the kids home for this one. Take a look at the process in the video below. 


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