Should Adults Listen to Lullabies Too?

If you have trouble falling asleep like, you know, most people, would it help if someone cradled you in their arms and sang “Rock-a-Bye Baby”?  What about just the song without the cradling?

The website has a column up right now where a writer says that her secret to falling asleep is listening to lullabies.  Yes, even as an adult.  ESPECIALLY as an adult.

But she doesn’t listen to traditional lullabies.  At this point, someone’s made a lullaby version of pretty much EVERY popular song, and you can find them on Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere else you listen to music.

You listen to lullaby versions of Prince songs, or Taylor Swift songs, or Bob Marley songs, or a ton of others.

And she swears by it because, quote, “Babies have really mastered the art of relaxation . . . when they drift off to sleep, they’re cozy and relaxed in their cribs, listening to the soft lull of soothing music emitting from a speaker.”

“Meanwhile, when adults are stressed, we try to find comfort in the hellscape that is social media . . . we stare at our phones scrolling, texting, and watching Netflix.  We need some soothing music.”


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