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S’more Ice Cream Cones?!

Chantel shared with us 10 food hacks that “weren’t dumb”. But the one that confused us was s’more ice cream cones. It turns out…it’s a thing!


@ywmfamily Make s’mores cones!! #smores #smorescone #summerdessert #summer2023 #smorescheck #marshmallow ♬ Good Vibes (Instrumental) – Ellen Once Again

Other hacks included:

1.  Using a baby monitor to keep an eye on the temperature of a smoker.

2.  Eating a hard taco OVER a soft tortilla shell . . . and with everything that drops out of the first taco, you get a second taco.

3.  Mathematically, one 18-inch pizza has more pizza than TWO 12-inch pies.

4.  Mixing a few cereals together, for variety AND to regulate sweetness levels.

5.  For easy-to-eat s’mores, try making them in ice cream cones.

6.  If you don’t have a cake dome, use a Tupperware container upside down.

7.  Using a ramen packet for popcorn seasoning . . . just mix the powder with some melted butter, and maybe some chili powder.

8.  Using the bottom of a bottle of wine . . . if it has a deep indented center . . . as a press to make homemade ravioli.

9.  Steaming your vegetables WHILE cooking pasta noodles . . . by placing a cookie cooling rack over your pot of boiling spaghetti, adding the veg on it, then laying the lid over the top so they’ll steam over the pasta.

10.  Putting a koozie on your ice cream pint . . . so you can keep your hand warm, and the ice cream cold.

You can read more hacks here.

Or listen to us talking about each hack during today’s podcast!


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