Spice World Bus Now on Airbnb

If you have ever wanted to go back to the 90s and live on the double-decker bus from the “Spice World” movie now is your chance. 

The original double-decker bus that was driven by Meatloaf is giving three lucky fans the chance to spend the night on the bus for two nights in London’s Wembley Park. 

The bus has been renovated with all the comforts you’d expect on a tour bus and if you want to have your chance at Spice Girls nostalgia you’re going to have to act fast. 

The Airbnb booking for the bus will start at 2:00 A.M. EST on May 22 and will only be available June 14 and 15 at $127 a night.  

Getting The Spicebus in Airbnb shape wasn’t an easy task. According to the new owners, the bus had been left in a state of complete disrepair. But it’s looking great these days. Check out the full transformation below. 



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