Spooky Halloween Treats!

Your birthday is in October you say? Then you’re getting a Halloween theme whether you like it or not!

We held a surprise party for a friend at my house last weekend. I did the cooking because I love to do it! And I love Halloween, so it’s 2 great tastes that taste great together for me.

Here are some of the spooky dishes I made. I got most of the recipes from…or random Facebook videos.

Filet-man face!


Here is the recipe.

You could really use any cream cheese based spread recipe for this. As long as it’s moldable and will stay in the mold when chilled. It was really easy to make and was a huge hit at the party. It looks gross but tastes great!

Deviled-egg blood-shot eyes!


Here is the recipe.

You can make the deviled eggs any way you like. I know some people like to add avocado or hummus, you totally can! It’s all about the presentation with this one. I used green olives with the pimento because it looks grosser. I also made some with a small dill pickle slice for the eyeball, because I don’t like olives. I also tried to use beet juice instead of food coloring. I won’t do that next time. The beet juice doesn’t look as cool.

Rat balls!


Here is the recipe.

You can use your own meatball or meatloaf recipe for these. You could even make them into burgers! I made my Italian, but you could do Sweet and Sour, BBQ, Greek, Chinese, etc. It’s all about shaping them and putting on the finishing touches. I used asparagus for the tail, carrots for the ears, peas for the eyes, peppercorn for the nose and spaghetti for the whiskers.

Cornbread face!


Here’s the recipe I used…sort of.

The only thing that made this special was that I baked it in a sugar skull pan instead of muffin tins. It tasted really good! I added corn and peppers to the recipe. I use brown sugar instead of Agave. And I only had a little butter left, so I subbed coconut oil.

Caramel apple pops!



Here is the recipe I used.

This one was hard! But it was the most popular dish at the party because it tasted sooooo good! It got really messy making them and they didn’t look as cute after a while. Definitely make these the day you will serve them. And cold is your friend with these, use the fridge and freezer. Also, use a microwave to heat the chocolate and caramel. The stovetop just ends up burning it. You could also use a double boiler. The creepy eyes and pumpkin faces are made of candy. You can get them at any store that sells baking stuff. Decorate these any way you like and get creative with the toppings.

Applesauce bars!


Here is the recipe.

I topped mine with caramel instead of icing because I had some left over. These were really good! But, they don’t taste as good the next day. I decorated with red icing and a bloody, candy axe. They are really east to make and you could put them in a muffin tin too. And they’re not as bad for you as other sweet treats.

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