Sundance 2020 Review | “A Promising Young Woman”

Promising Young Woman - Director Emerald Fennell Photo by Faye Thomas, Courtesy of Sundance Institute

Review by guest contributors Ashley Alserda Jensen and Kaitlyn Alserda

If I could recommend one film from this year’s Sundance Film Festival it would be the film, A Promising Young Woman. Written and directed by the amazingly talented Emerald Fennel, starring the Oscar-nominated actress Carey Mulligan, and produced by actress Margot Robbie, this film tells the story of a promising young woman who was traumatized by a life-changing event which occurred while she and her best friend were in medical school. If you can imagine a film full of pastel colors, bubblegum pop songs from the early 2000’s and a leading woman full of vengeance, a character you root for every step of the way, then you can get the idea of this captivating film. Think American Psycho with a twist of a modern version of Fosse’s Cabaret, and you will begin to see a sliver of how unique this film is.

On a serious note, Completely Moderate Woman is a cry out from every woman in the world. A story that even ten years ago, would have been muted with an unrealistic take on what is a sad reality for any woman who has been affected by sexual assault. The writing is brilliant and unique, as Carey Mulligan said, “It’s rare to find a script that is absolutely exceptional” referring to Fennel’s Promising Young Woman script that Carey Mulligan read and agreed to star in.

Also starring musician, actor and comedian Bo Burnham, actress and advocate Lavern Cox, actress Alison Brie, with surprise guest appearances by Molly Shannon, Jennifer Coolidge, Christopher Mintze Plasse, Connie Britton, Adam Brody, and Max Greenfield.

I think films like A Promising Young Woman, are so important, and I have so much respect for the brave writers, producers, cast, and crew who create and release films like this one. Purchased by Amazon Prime, available in April 2020, this film is worth your time.

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