Swig’s 3rd Annual ‘Save The Cups’ for breast cancer

Every two minutes, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. One in 8 women will get diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. And 85 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history of it. But these sobering statistics are paired with a hopeful one: According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer has a 99% survival rate when detected early.


Swig is setting out to break the ice and Save the Cups! The foundation has already raised $300,000 to help pay for patients’ medical bills, and this year, the goal is another $150,000. During the month of October, customers can buy specialized drinks, tumblers, stickers, and apparel, as well as simply donate to the cause at their local Swig.


Before founding Swig, Nicole Tanner battled breast cancer in 2009. After miraculously having her medical bills paid for, she knew she wanted to pay it forward.


“Save The Cups means the world to me,” Tanner said. “It’s tender and close to my heart. At first this started as a way to give back, but the momentum and support we’ve received has turned this into a movement. It’s so much bigger than me. It’s almost as if Swig was born so that it could lead us to Save The Cups.”


Awareness is a key factor of the Save The Cups campaign. Utah, in particular, has some of the worst mammography screening rates in the nation at only 52.2 percent (the national average is 66.9 percent).


“By far and away, I just wish everyone would go get their stinking mammograms,” said Dr. Jennifer Tittensor, Breast Specialist and Partner in Utah Surgical Associates. “Insurance pays for women 40 and older to get a free mammogram every year. No one is exempt. We can fight this thing if we find it early. Grab your girlfriends and go get a Swig and a mammogram.”

Last year, Karli Hanks heard Tanner on the radio talking about Save The Cups. She scheduled her very first mammogram at age 42, and a month later, she found out she had breast cancer.


“Don’t wait,” said Hanks, who had her medical bills paid for through Save The Cups. “Even if you think you’re a healthy woman, don’t wait. Schedule a mammogram. It’s awkward for 30 minutes, but it could save you a lifetime.”


“We have to tell our stories,” Tanner added. “I held mine in for too long, but I’m so happy to be sharing it now. We owe it to each other! We never know who we’re going to help.”



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