Taylor Swift Builds Huge Wall Around Her Historic Beverly Hills Mansion

Swift’s Current 7-Foot Wall Wasn’t Enough To Keep Out An Intruder in April

Taylor Swift isn’t taking any chances after her homes have been the target of intruders trying to break in or worse, even trying to do harm to Swift. The seven-foot wall that is currently around her Beverly Hills home wasn’t enough to keep an intruder out in April, luckily police caught him. He was arrested, but police found a knife, rope, and ammunition in the intruder’s car.

Swift, who wasn’t home during the invasion, was also absent from the intrusion in Manhattan where a man was found sleeping in her home. This has prompted Swift to increase security and she’s starting with a 12-14 foot inner wall at her Beverly Hills home.

The second wall is said to be needed to “improve security and privacy on the subject property due to multiple attempts by people to enter the property over the existing, lower perimeter wall”, according to documents obtained by TMZ.

Swift is currently on her Reputation stadium tour.

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