‘The Good Place’ Exists in the Same Universe as ‘Parks and Rec’

But for real, if you haven’t watched Parks and Rec or The Good Place by now, you’re doing everything wrong. I just have to offer the warning according to twitter

I have mentioned repeatedly that The Good Place is the best show on television. TGP has had its share shark-jumpy moments, but never stops being incredible. Everything about this show works.


Yesterday, Twitter sleuth Darren (@shinraalpha) made a discovery that blew my mind so hard, I’ll never get over it. 

Eleanor Shellstrop lives in the same universe as Leslie Knope 😱



Ads on the back cover of Eleanor’s copy of Celebrity Baby Plastic Surgery Disasters are overt nods to the bygone, Emmy nominated series Parks and Rec. The first, an ad for “Clyde” by Parks and Rec cologne tycoon, Dennis Feinstein. 

Another shocking revelation: Feinstein is played by Jason Mantzoukas who also plays good Janet’s boyfriend on TGP. Which begs the question…



My Theory: Dennis Feinstein, a notoriously horrible person, is in The Bad Place, where he’s doomed to a life of Mindy St. Claire coke parties and wind chimes instead of dude-parts. 

Darren’s discovery sparked quite the thread of TV conspiracy theorists.




BTW: Ben Wyatt didn’t just end up in The Bad Place. He helps run it. 



But most important of all:




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