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The Most (And Least) Rewatchable TV Shows of the Past 10 Years

People have had extra time on their hands over the past year . . . and some are bored enough to start RE-WATCHING stuff they’ve already seen.

And we’re not talking about revisiting CLASSIC movies and shows from our childhood . . . it’s recent stuff, like “Game of Thrones” and “New Girl”.

Someone even graded these shows on their “rewatchabilty,” and while it seems easier to revisit one-off episodes of sitcoms than to dive back into hour-long serial dramas, which went on for years . . . that isn’t the WHOLE story.

Here’s what they came up with:

1. “Super Super Rewatchable,” which they graded “Level 5” shows: “Veep”, “Fleabag”, and “Schitt’s Creek”


2. “Very Rewatchable,” or “Level 4” shows: “New Girl”, “Breaking Bad”, “The Office”, “Parks and Recreation”, and “Friday Night Lights”


3. “Moderately Engaging,” or “Level 3” rewatchabilty: “Mad Men”, “The Good Place”, “The Americans”, “Community”, “Boardwalk Empire”, and “Justified”



4. “Hit or Miss,” or “Level 2” rewatchabilty: “Game of Thrones”



5. They also had a category for “Wasting Everyone’s Time,” or “Level 1” . . . but they didn’t list anything for it. So maybe they didn’t even bother with stuff that could be a complete waste.

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