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The Most In-Demand Christmas Gifts in All 50 States

A study looked at the top gifts people are ordering in all 50 states, and gadgets dominate the list.  The PlayStation 5 is the MOST in-demand gift overall.  But it’s only #1 in six states.  Here’s the breakdown . . .

1.  The PlayStation 5.  It’s the most-sought-after gift in Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.  The new Xbox 5 got three states:  North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Nevada.

2.  Apple products are also big.  The iPhone 12 is #1 in five states:  California, Hawaii, Illinois, Missouri, and New Jersey.  The iPad Air 4 is first in Alabama and Massachusetts.  And Apple Watches top the list in Texas and Virginia.

3.  Samsung Galaxy products got five states:  Montana, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Kansas, and New Mexico.  And the Google Pixel 5 is first in Wyoming and Maine.

4.  Two video games made the list:  “Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla” in Idaho and North Dakota.  And “Cyberpunk 2077” in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington.

5.  Fitbits are #1 in Iowa, South Dakota, and Wisconsin . . . Vector Robots in Colorado, Indiana, and Minnesota . . . Keurigs in Arizona and Michigan . . . Lego Super Mario toys in Utah and Nebraska . . . air fryers in Tennessee and Arkansas . . . Barbie products in Mississippi and South Carolina . . . and North Face boots in New York and Vermont.

6.  And four products only got one state each:  Harry Potter wands in Kentucky . . . patio heaters in Connecticut . . . Simpl Dimpl fidget toys in Florida . . . and everyone in Ohio wants an air hockey table in their basement.

See the map here!

By the way, Utah….we’re all about Lego Mario!!!

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