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‘The Room’ is the Worst Movie Ever Made and You Need to See It Before you Die

The Room has been perplexing audiences from all over the world since 2003. I first saw it in a theatre last year. If the weak plot points and the even weaker acting weren’t startling enough, imagine how concerned I was when all of the other filmgoers began screaming “Sports” at the screen in unison.

The Friend who took me originally saw it on Adult Swim on April 1st. It’s an April Fool’s Day tradition that they play it on a loop for 24 hours straight. I promise, this all has a point.



The film’s writer, creator, director, producer, and star (pictured above) is Tommy Wiseau. His origin story remains fairly murky, but after immigrating to the U.S., he worked his way up from a small tourist shop on the beach to amassing a small fortune. Even though he was doing well for himself, his true passion was always acting.




But rejection after rejection got to him. He decided to write what he thought was one of the greatest American drama films of all time. He wrote it, cast it, starred in it, self-financed it… It was HIS movie. And so, The Room was born.


The co-writer of The Disaster Artist (a book and upcoming film about the surreal experience of working on The Room’s set) Tom Bissell once said this about the film:

“It is like a movie made by an alien who has never seen a movie, but has had movies thoroughly explained to him. There’s not often that a work of film has every creative decision that’s made in it on a moment-by-moment basis seemingly be the wrong one. The mood […] ranges from startling cruelty, shocking misogyny, to unbelievable inventiveness. […] The Room, to me, shatters the distinction between good and bad. Do I think it’s a good movie? No. Do I think it’s a strong movie that moves me on the level that art usually moves me? Absolutely not. But I can’t say it’s bad because it’s so watchable. It’s so fun. It’s brought me so much joy. How can something that’s bad do those things for me?”

See the trailer and get details about the free screening I’m hosting below!



Against all odds, the film became a cult classic much like The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And luckily for you, I will be hosting a FREE, interactive screening of The Room on Thursday, Nov. 9th. 7:00pm at Broadway Centre Cinemas. There will be a pre-party at Good Grammar bar near Gallivan Center. Check out our FB event for more. Hope to see you there!

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