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The Songs That Calm People Down When They Feel Overwhelmed

Well, we’re a week into 2021, and if possible, things are getting WORSE.  So Buzzfeed asked its fans to name a song that calms them down when they feel overwhelmed.

No science here, just a bunch of people’s opinions . . . which is why you’ll find everything from Louis Armstrong to Linkin Park.  Here are 20 highlights:

1.  “Betty”,  Taylor Swift

2.  “Good as Hell”,  Lizzo

3.  “When the Party’s Over”,  Billie Eilish

4.  “Good News”,  Mac Miller

5.  “Viva La Vida”,  Coldplay

6.  “Rhiannon”,  Fleetwood Mac

7.  “What a Wonderful World”,  Louis Armstrong

8.  “Yesterday”,  The Beatles

9.  “Helpless”,  The cast of “Hamilton”

10.  “September”,  Earth, Wind & Fire

11.  “Welcome to the Black Parade”,  My Chemical Romance


12.  “All I Ask”,  Adele


13.  “Given Up”,  Linkin Park


14.  “Shaken Up”,  Florence + the Machine


15.  “Don’t Stop Me Now”,  Queen


16.  “Fight Song”,  Rachel Platten


17.  “The Middle”,  Jimmy Eat World


18.  “When the Levee Breaks”,  Led Zeppelin


19.  “I Want You Back”,  The Jackson 5


20.  “No Tears Left to Cry”,  Ariana Grande

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