These are the States that we want to relocate to

These are the States that residents of Utah want to relocate to, according to Google searches

  • Texas is the top choice of State that Utah residents want to move to
  • Moving to California and Florida are the second and third options

Moving companies experts examined which states US states want to relocate or move to, by analyzing Google search data.

They considered search terms such as “houses in”, “Zillow”, “Apartments in”, “Living in”, “Move to”, “Live in” and “Relocate to” and looked at the combined searches for ‘each US state name to find which were the most in-demand in each state.

Utah’s most desired States to move to are as follows:

  1. Texas The average house price in this area is $314,718 which is 46.55% lower than in Utah, where the average is $588,862
  2. California The average house price in California is $816,804 , which is the third highest in all of the US and $227,942 more expensive than in Utah.
  3. Florida The average house price in this area is $415,762 . Compared to Alabama, this is a 29.40% decrease.

A spokesperson for, commented on the findings: “Often when looking to move to another area, most people’s first course of action is to consult Google for information on houses available, local schools, job opportunities and leisure activities in the area.

“By analyzing the number of searches for terms relating to moving house, we were able to get a good picture of which states residents have the desire to move to. California was the most frequently searched for state to relocate to by far, coming out top for half of the US states.

“This may be due, in part, to the pleasant weather, large economy, food scene and range of landscapes for all types of adventure. “According to, 40% of Americans were considering a move in 2022. The OECD index states that on average, 18% of a US resident’s gross adjusted disposable income is spent on keeping a roof over their heads. It is therefore extremely important that a decision to move, and where to, is not taken lightly.”

The study was conducted by, who relocate thousands of homes and business nationwide and bring together technology, teamwork and white glove moving services to prioritize the best customer service.

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