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Things You Didn’t Know Until You Became A Parent

Parenting isn’t as glamorous as Instagram would have you believe. 

When you become a parent, you know a few things. Potty training is going to suck, you’re going to have to change a lot of diapers, and they will throw temper tantrums. Still though, there are many things that you just can’t prepare yourself for.

We asked our listeners all about it: “I didn’t realize ____ until I had kids.” Here are some of our favorite responses. 

1. They put EVERYTHING in their mouths


2. You wear a lot of hats; cook, driver, warden, elf



3. They’re pretty unhygienic 

4. Your calendar is pretty full


5. You’re pretty much running a nudist colony 


6. Seriously. They’re obsessed with being naked

7. You celebrate the weirdest things


8. They won’t eat veggies, but they’ll eat their own boogers 


9. They’re terrifying


10. 🙈🙈🙈


11. And even though they put you through all of this, you can’t explain to anyone why you put up with it.


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