Those Jerks Who Wait Until the Last Second to Merge? They’re Actually Doing It Right

This could seriously change your commute this morning, and for the rest of your life. So listen up.

Whenever you have to merge, you know those jerks who drive past everyone else, and wait until the very last second to merge? Like in a construction zone? It turns out they’re actually doing it the right way. And everyone else is wrong.

It’s called the “zipper merge” method. Because if everyone does it, the two lanes look like a zipper coming together.

highway lane merge

The Department of Transportation in Kansas started promoting it recently, and officials in Colorado have been trying to get people to do it for over a decade.

But it hasn’t caught on, because people think it makes more sense to merge as soon as possible. Or they don’t want people to hate them for skipping the line.

You should be waiting until you’re close to the barrels, and then every car in the next lane is supposed to let one person over… you know, like a zipper!

But studies show that if everyone waited until they were closer to the merge point, traffic would move 35% faster. And it’s safer, so there wouldn’t be as many accidents.

If you still don’t get it, here’s a helpful video:

Just to be clear, we’re not talking about people who drive on the shoulder to skip traffic or get to an exit. Feel free to keep hating them as much as you want.

So next time think twice before you refuse to let someone in while merging! They’re in the right you’re in the wrong!





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