Tips for Healthy Social Media Use

Social media can be a good way to connect with friends and loved ones, keep up to date on current events and trends, and spend time relaxing. It can also be a cause of stress and worry as people try to navigate difficult new stories, online bullying, and the pressure to create the perfect image. Here are some tips to have a healthier social media experience.

  • Connect with loved ones
    • Social media can be a great way to connect with friends and family around the world. Use your social media channels to reach out and see how loved ones are doing and what is going on in their lives. Take the opportunity to share your own personal stories and photos with them.
  • Follow and share inspiring stories
    • Find stories and platforms that help you feel uplifted and positive. If a friend or influencer is sharing negative content that makes you feel upset, you can stop following them, or put them on mute for a short time.
  • Create balance
    • Create a balance between using social media and focusing on what’s going on around you. Take time to connect with the people and spaces around you.
  • Have fun!
    • Find engaging and entertaining groups and people to follow, bring a sense of light-heartedness to your own platform.
  • Take a break and support others in doing the same
    • Deleting apps from your phone or using other mechanisms to limit access can be a great way to bring yourself back to reality when feeling stressed or overwhelmed by social media use. If a friend or family member takes a break from social media, give them the space they need and try to connect with them in other ways.
  • Let someone know if you are struggling
    • If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or other issues related to social media overuse, reach out and talk to someone. Friends and family can be a good support network, and there are professionals available for more urgent issues.
      • National Suicide prevention lifeline 988

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