Today is National Dog Day!

It’s National Dog Day! 

Founded to bring attention to how many dogs are in need of loving forever homes! And to show gratitude for all the wonderful things dogs do for us, weather it’s a police dog, saving lives; or your stubby-legged dachshund making you feel like the most important person alive! Dogs are part of the family and today, we celebrate them!

In honor of National Dog Day, here are a few facts about my girl:

1. Captain Scarlet Kick Ass


2. Boston Terrier, Rat terrier and dachshund


3. About 7-8 years old. 


4. Loves to roll in the grass. 


5. Her breath smells like someone died in there. Someone actually might have since I found bird parts in the yard.


6. She loves to swim and can navigate the ocean waves like a pro surfer


7. Her BFF is a German Shepard mix named Buddy.

8. She like to be under things like beds, blankets, me.

9. She once killed a vole

10. She has killed about a million geckos. I tried to stop her!

11. I trained her to jump into my arms

12. I’m pretty sure she can speak English

13. She likes to go for a ride in the car, but she screams with excitement the whole time.

14. She can eat flies right out of the air.  

15. She once got caught in my bicycle tire when she couldn’t contain herself after seeing a squirrel. 

16. She will eat the bathroom trash. Seriously, keep that closed. She WILL eat it.

17. She can open purses. She knows there’s gum in there. It’s kind of amazing. My roommate doesn’t think so. 

I love her!

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