Tony Romo Dumped Jessica Simpson Over John Mayer Cheating Suspicion

Jessica Simpson was dumped by Tony Romo all over an email.

The music mogul shared that John Mayer was confessing his love and wanted to get back with her.

Simpson spills it all out in her new book “Open Book” in which she finally breaks her silence on the demise of her 2-year relationship with the former Dallas Cowboys Quarter Back. Long story short, Simpson claims she ran into Mayer at her parent’s house and didn’t tell Romo, but he eventually found out through an email from John Mayer to Jessica Simpson. When  Romo found out about it he decided to break things off. Jessica denied they were together, but by then it was too late. Jessica also wrote that she is convinced John Mayer just wanted to try to be with her so he could get content for his music.

Since then, all parties have moved on. Jessica Simpson is married to ex-NFL tight end Eric Johnson. Tony Romo is married to a beauty queen, Candice Crawford. John Mayer moved on, dating A-list celebrities like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, and Katy Perry, but is currently single. 


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