Top Five April Fools Day Pranks Utahan’s Pulled

With April Fools Day on Sunday, I compiled a list of 5 pranks people told me they pulled.

5. A Minty Surprise

I replaced Oreo mint filling with mint toothpaste.


4. He Came Running

I put oil on the floor and told my brother I made cookies……he slipped on the oil.


3. A “pregnant” Surprise!

I pranked my boyfriend that I was pregnant on April Fools’ Day. Found out a week later that I legitimately was pregnant jokes on me I guess.


2. Frozen

One of the best April Fools jokes I ever did was when I grabbed all of my family’s socks, dunked them in a bowl filled with water, and put it in the freezer. When my family was looking for their socks, I brought the bowl out and told them I did their laundry! I was promised a yearlong grounding, but it was worth it!


1. Grand Theft Auto – Rexburg

One time my roommates asked if they could borrow my car and told me where they were going to go. I realized that they had gone somewhere else with it, so I went home and got my spare keys, called the friends they were visiting to tell him not to let them call the cops, popped my car into neutral to get down the hill from the house, and stole it! It started a hilarious night of hide and seek as we started stashing the car around town…Rexburg is a boring town, especially between semesters.


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