Uh Oh . . . Is Amanda Bynes Losing It Again?

AMANDA BYNES just had her conservatorship terminated last month.  And I’d hate to think she’s backsliding . . . but there was some chaos at her house yesterday.


At about 2:30 in the morning, Amanda and her fiancé Paul Michael both called the cops after a verbal dispute.  Paul said Amanda was taking his Adderall and was out of control.  Amanda said she was afraid for her safety and kicked Paul out.


Amanda later posted a video accusing Paul of smoking crack, going off his meds, watching “mom and son porn,” and vandalizing his mother’s house and putting salmon under her bed.


But later that day, Amanda and Paul were spotted in public . . . and the paparazzi even caught them kissing.


And Amanda released a follow-up video saying that Paul was looking at MILF porn, not mom and son porn.  Also, she gave him a drug test she bought at CVS and it came back CLEAN.  And she said that she had something in her teeth in the previous video.

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