Utah Lake Algae Bloom – Update

The Algae Bloom in Utah Lake is getting bigger.

This occurrence is very dangerous for you, your family, and the surrounding wildlife.

The Algae Bloom occurs when there is an excess amount of nutrients, like phosphorus in the water, and unchanging weather. This is caused by rising heat temperatures over a long period at a time which can cause Microcystin (a toxin found in the bloom that makes it dangerous to humans and animals) to grow.

According to the EPA, it causes the death of farm animals, your house pets, wildlife, and can turn into a carcinogen.

The entire Utah Lake is not infected, but there are areas you should avoid. The areas to avoid include Provo Bay, Lincoln Marina, Sandy Beach, and the Utah Lake State Park Waters. If you are unsure of which areas these are, they do have signs posted in infected areas as well.

For additional information on the Algal Bloom, click here.

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