Utah Local Dave The Flower Guy Finally Gets His New Tractor!

If you’ve ever been to Downtown SLC, you know exactly who I’m talking about. 

Dave Matson, better known as Dave The Flower Guy is 59 and has Cerebral Palsy. Even with this debilitating condition, it’s never really stopped Dave from accomplishing his goals. Dave started mowing lawns in 1972 and grew his business into selling flowers in 1980 and hasn’t stopped since. 

Dave’s tractor is his main form of transportation especially to help accommodate the far distances he has to travel for work anywhere from 10-15 miles. After one of Dave’s tractors had seen it’s last ride he went on to KSL to purchase a new one. Unfortunately, the seller took advantage of Dave and failed to mention all of the issues that came with the tractor. This left Dave without a ride which made it difficult for him having to push a mower with one hand and pulling his cart of flowers with the other. 

Tyler Knudson started a Go Fund Me account on behalf of Dave after he purchased a tractor from KSL that didn’t work. A local dealership was willing to let Dave purchase the tractor at cost of $4,000. Tyler posted this video. 

Shortly after with over 200 shares, they were able to hit the goal of $4,000!

Dave is so happy and has purchased a John Deere tractor! 


If you see him out on the street make sure to say hi!

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