Vanessa Hudgens Can See Ghosts

VANESSA HUDGENS has finally accepted the fact that she can SEE and HEAR ghosts.  She said she’s had a lot of paranormal experiences since she was young.


On “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, she said, quote, “I kind of shut it down for a while because it’s scary.  The unknown is scary.  But I recently was like, ‘No, this is a gift and something that I have the ability to do it, so I’m going to lean into it.”

Vanessa recently did her first paranormal investigation using equipment, including what’s called a spirit box, that allows spirits to speak through it using electric frequencies.


They went to a cemetery, where they contacted a spirit named Sam.  Sam must have been a “High School Musical” fan because he knew Vanessa’s name.  But when asked if he had anything else to say, he responded with a “No”.


Maybe we will see her collaborating with ZAK BAGANS on “Ghost Adventures” someday.

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