‘Wake Me Up’ Producer Avicii Found Dead at 28

Swedish DJ and hit producer of Wake Me Up died earlier this afternoon in Oman at the age of 28. The cause of death has yet to be released.

His publicist broke the news, saying, “He was found dead in Muscat, Oman this Friday afternoon local time, April 20th.  The family is devastated and we ask everyone to please respect their need for privacy in this difficult time. No further statements will be given.”

According to Variety, Avicii (Tom Bergling) retired from performing in 2016 due to health reasons. He had his gallbladder and appendix removed in 2014, due in part to excessive drinking.

Though he was no longer performing, the musician never gave up on his true passion; making music. A statement posted to his website last year stated, “We all reach a point in our lives and careers where we understand what matters the most to us. For me it’s creating music.”

The statement continued. “Last year I quit performing live, and many of you thought that was it. But the end of live never meant the end of Avicii or my music. Instead, I went back to the place where it all made sense – the studio. The next stage will be all about my love of making music… It is the beginning of something new.”


Though we will never know exactly what he had in store for his fans, it was sure to be amazing. The two-time Grammy Award nominee released two studio albums, True (2013) and Stories (2015).  Both albums were well-received by critics. As early as 2009, Bergling had earned a reputation as a prolific music producer, known to release and remix music incredibly quickly. He was a staple in the European house music scene.

Update: a previous version of this story listed Avicii as a singer. He was a DJ and producer. Aloe Blacc sang vocals on Wake Me Up.

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