Want to Own a Meteorite? Now is Your Chance!


If you happened to have a few extra thousand dollars laying around, now is your chance to own a piece of space history. Christie’s Auction House is running a 2 week long auction called “Deep Impact: Martian, Lunar, and Other rare Meteorites.”  The auction includes over 60 pieces of space rock that once hurtled towards earth. Some pieces in the collection have a low price tag of $800 while others are expected to get $200,000.

Here are some of our favorite pieces:

  1. Chassigny Fragment From Mars -The Holy Grail of Martian Meteorite
    • Cost: ~ $7,000
    • Formed in a magma chamber beneath Mars surface
    • Fell morning of October 3rd, 1815 in Chassigny France
  2. Talampaya -Partial slice of Rare Patagonian Eucrite
    • Cost: ~$1000
    • Found by a rock climber in Patagonia, Argentina
    • Has know origin from the asteroid Vesta
    • Main section of meteorite on display at New York American Museum of Natural History
  3. Zhamanshin Impact Glass – When An Asteroid Strikes Earth
    • Cost: ~$600
    • Not a meteorite but created by high pressure impact of earth soil
    • Impact of Zhamanshin Meteorite happened 900,000 years ago

There are so many more options in the collection! Check out all of the available auction items on Christie’s Auction website 


Source: James Hyslop of Christie’s Auction House  (

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