WATCH | David Beckham Gets Scared By Justin Bieber

David Beckham got a scary surprise while appearing on Ellen on Tuesday (March 3rd).

Beckham had been talking with Ellen about taking his children trick or treating and Bieber was one of the houses they stopped at.

It was coming towards the end of our night trick or treating and the kids have had far too much candy, so on the way back, Romeo turned to me and said Justin is giving snow cones away,” Beckham explained. As Beckham was telling the story Justin Bieber jumped out of nowhere, looking like “Where’s Waldo,” “Sorry, they made me do it. I’ve gotta go,” Bieber said as he ran off stage. Although Beckham was startled by Bieber’s surprise he confessed his love for Justin and how proud he was of him making such a successful comeback.

When was the last time you got really scared? Tell your story.

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