WATCH | Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in ‘A Star is Born’ Trailer

Could this be the next stop on Lady Gaga’s wild career? 

Attendees of CinemaCon, the annual convention of movie theatre owners, are absolutely raving about the Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga remake, A Star is Born. Based on a 1937 film, the lead woman has been played by the likes of Janet Gaynor (1937), Judy Garland (1954), and Barbra Streisand (1976).

Lady Gaga will take her her turn at the wheel this year. The 2018 remake is set to hit theatres October, 5th.

The film centers around Country music star Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) who discovers a talented but unknown singer, Ally. Her career takes off quickly, forcing Jackson to confront the fact that his career may be coming to an end.

This film has been a labor of love for the male lead, Bradley Cooper. According to USA Today, Cooper has spent 3 years writing, directing, and yes, performing live music on stage to prepare for the role. He said in his CinemaCon talk that Lady Gaga insisted on singing live.–Z16n38r30F-gInu_iqUAE4O3Ekc4W8hcDZayYNDu8wTuwqJpKyBJxH-OZBBXaD6aNM6_AatzeWwo9otNBuhSTNw11eDgbyySAhD1QQl5JFIeRzZxnraY6_aMOy_AxS1130fj5GHT4TDdIwS7UfXHwEBcxAQQHBprxm8_lxGNTCjA2xEfxppdcI19l83hgSRLonThwO8Pe6_JPGbofxSILBA0fOirhKNm0SwxLvi1z7Iy4Le3SnTppFBNHZok1kabcEo_4sFVxOF5CdXD36Xy20ssEz22pm_AeR9CzDWeJ4Zv8CtZmHhkPrxhsK9KqDntmIjnxDxvrys7y26MltPZ9tqEfwH6j2xkKu7zO8h1rGtpbUWvoxYeukMT4ZjY1ZylbSOivp0YmXIwsGFDdBJ65cp349nlcYpXW4RgAhfq3Bc6sMLAyxomZK9lRarEYocVCxgYtGl4kJf09xfK4lpIfqgs-U40ngp65TcKZbGIJNx7_siR0EbXR73I7lBbPtVfTy9DPUbVnri8L7h69q9qTRBTmtwakMWo-0Gn&theater

In 2011, long before Gaga got involved, Clint Eastwood announced that he was in talks to direct leading lady, Beyoncé. However, the project was put on an indefinite hold due to her pregnancy. The Jackson Maine role was turned down by Tom Cruise, Will Smith, and Christian Bale in the Eastwood version.

Typical Hollywood red tape dragged on until 2015 when Waner Bros. officially announced that Cooper would step in as the director.

Check out the official trailer below!


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