WATCH| Random Dog Interrupts High School Football Practice …Then This Happened

The Hound Got Plenty of Scratches in between Plays

How are high school football players supposed to focus on practice when a cute bassett hound won’t take the hint that she’s in the way? That’s what happened to a group of football players from Geraldine-Highwood High School in Montana when the adorable pooch decided to crash practice.

“The head coach told me she just showed up at the start of practice and no one knew where she came from. They were referring to her as their ‘mascot'”, Thomas Wylie told “It’s a very small town so I assume she made it home or back to her owners alright. But she was as cute and friendly as can be. Just wanted to play with the players and be a part of practice.”

She’s clearly more of a bench-warmer than tight-end.

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