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We’re David S. Pumpkins | The Mix Morning Fix Podcast With Extras Oct. 26th

Jon overuses the “boo” sound effect, Justin teaches you how to get a baby alien to sleep, and Jackson throws Justin under the bus during out newest game “Cell Phone Roulette”

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David S. Pumpkins
During the showbiz beat, Justin said that he had never seen David S. Pumpkins. Which is a real shame since David S. Pumpkins is getting an animated special on Saturday.  So Justin, this one’s for you.

Now that you’re educated,  check out the trailer for the animated short


Family Feud 
Since Jon is going to be out of town tomorrow, we played morning show Family Feud a day early. Here’s the list of the top 10 superstitions Americans believe in:


1.  Avoiding walking under a ladder.
2.  Knocking on wood.
3.  Saying “bless you” when someone sneezes.

4.  Crossing your fingers.
5.  Picking up a penny on the ground for luck.
6.  Breaking a wishbone and making a wish.
7.  Throwing salt over your shoulder after you spill it.

8.  Not opening an umbrella inside.
9.  Not telling anyone your wish after you blow out birthday candles.
10.  Avoiding the number 13. 
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