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We’re Matching Your Donation!

As we kick off this year’s Road Home Mediathon, The Huntsman Foundation has started us strong!

  • Broadway Media and other media partners are supporting The Road Home with its annual Holiday Media-a-Thon December 19th & 20th
    • This is The Road Home’s biggest fundraiser of the year
    • Funds raised during this event ensure that The Road Home can provide housing programs, supportive services, and emergency shelter to help people overcome homelessness.
    • The weather is cold and The Road Home serves approximately 1,000 people a night through the three Resource Centers and our winter over flow shelter.
    • Your donation is urgently needed to help people in need tonight.


  • Today The Huntsman Foundation is announcing that we are donating $1 million dollars to support The Road Home’s Mediathon
    • Each dollar raised during the Mediathon will be matched by The Huntsman Foundation, up to one million dollars.
    • This is the 30th year The Huntsman Foundation has donated to The Road Home
    • In Jan. 1992, Jon Huntsman Sr., while in route with his family to the University Hospital for prostate cancer surgery, gave his first $1 million gift to The Road Home.
    • The Huntsman Foundation contributes because we believe in The Road Home’s ability to serve Utah’s homeless people with compassion and skill. And, we have made this contribution because we believe in the generosity of members or our community and their own compassion and desire to help too.
    • It is because of the generosity of the community that people can to move out of homelessness and safely into housing every day.


  • About The Road Home
    • The Road Home provides shelter, housing, and other services to over 7,300 people a year.
    • Currently The Road Home serves approximately 1,000 people a night with emergency shelter – including the Gail Miller Resource Center, Pamela Atkinson Resource Center, Midvale Family Resource Center and our Winter Overflow programs.
    • The Road Home serves over 2,000 children a year in emergency shelter.
    • The Road Home serves approximately 2,000 people a day in our housing programs.
    • Each night, approximately 70  families seek emergency shelter services from The Road Home.
    • 95% of the people in our Permanent Supportive Housing programs stay housed.
    • On any given night The Road Home serves more people in housing than in shelter.
  • How to Donate
    • You can donate now online at, and your donation will be matched by The Huntsman Family.
    • Call 801-819-7300
    • Go to our Instagram @Mix1051Utah

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