Which Kids’ Movie Was So Disturbing, You Had to Leave the Theater?

Buzzfeed collected anecdotes from people who went to see a kids’ movie, but got so disturbed by something that they actually had to leave the theater.  Here are some highlights:

1.  One woman went to see “Coraline” when she was 6, and got freaked out by the button eyes on the people in the “other” world.

2.  One person had to leave “Monster House” when the house started eating people.

3.  A parent said their daughter had to leave halfway through “Coco” because she couldn’t handle the talking skeletons.

4.  A woman barely even made it passed the beginning of the original “Aladdin”, because she got scared of the cave of wonders.

5.  One woman went to see “A Series of Unfortunate Events” when she was 9, and her GRANDMOTHER made them leave because she was, quote, “disturbed by how depressing the premise of the movie was.”

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