Why Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams Doesn’t Blink

If you’ve watched the “Wednesday” series on Netflix, you’ve probably noticed Wednesday Addams doesn’t blink too much.  Which turned out to be a request from Tim Burton.

In an interview with “Teen Vogue”Jenna Ortega said, quote, “I did a take where I did not blink at all.  And Tim said, ‘I don’t want you to blink anymore’ . . .


“It just kind of happened because every time we started a take, I would reset my face.  I would drop all the muscles in my face, and Tim really liked the Kubrick stare, where I stare through my eyebrows.  It’s just a bit intimidating.”


She also said she used to get compared to Wednesday a lot growing up because she’s very dry . . . and people couldn’t tell when she was being serious or sarcastic.

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