Why People in the Arctic Circle Need a Cage Outside Their Door

A guy who works in the Arctic Circle posted a video of himself walking through a polar bear cage connected to his front door.  It prevents bears from attacking when he goes outside, and he can scan the area to make sure none are stalking him.


@titaniusanglosmithSome interesting things we do up here in the Arctic Circle #arcticcirclelife #arctic #polarbear #cage #doritosflatlife #fyp

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It may remind you of a clip that went viral last week.

A woman who lives close to the North Pole posted a video showing all the prep she has to go through just to walk her dog when it’s dark outside.

She starts with thermal underwear, then puts on expedition pants, a down jacket, a face scarf, and a headlamp, which she calls a Teletubby headlight.  The dog has to wear blankets and a high-visible vest with lights so she can always see it.

And because there are polar bears, she has to bring a rifle outside “at all times.”  By the way, her dog is a Finnish Lapphund.  They have super thick fur and are made for cold, harsh winters.

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