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Woman Gets Job As Russian Town’s Cat Chief

They say the perfect job doesn’t exist. And yet, Svetlana Logunova has it all figured out.

Logunova lives in Zelenogradsk, Russia, which has about 70 stray felines running all around town. Residents of the town have always been accommodating to the little critters, but they’ve taken it a step farther by creating a new job: cat chief.

The Northwestern seaside municipality near the Polish border is looking to rebrand themselves as a cat-friendly place, even going as far as to erect a cat statue and change the town emblem to include one. Over 80 applicants applied for the position, but one clearly stood above the clowder.

As part of her duties,  Logunova will get a bicycle and uniform plus a budget of about $85 a month to care for her new cat family.

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