Yard Crashers – Lexi Addition!

You know i love the show Yard Crashers, I watch it all the time. I go to the hardware store just hoping to run into Matt or Chris!

I’ve accepted that probably won’t happen, so I decided to crash my own yard! Over the course of several months… instead of a weekend.

We finally got the stump removed (if you missed it, here’s the riveting footage) and the next step was to stain the patio!

First I had to remove the weeds from all the cracks. Then I filled all the cracks with concrete filler. It’s like caulking for concrete and you use a caulking gun to do it. Beware! The caulking doesn’t stop coming out of the gun after you take your finger off the trigger!

I had to wash the patio with a degreaser. It got it so clean!

001 003

I put the 1st layer of stain on using a roller brush. I used a medium brown color. I left the brush strokes on there. I let it dry for a few days.

012 014

Then I used a spray pump to cover sections in gold. I took a sponge that was barely dipped in blue stain on only one end, and used it to spread around the gold. That way I ended up with random blue streaks and circles all over. I didn’t let it dry.


I used the spray pump again and covered the whole thing with gold, but I loosened the attachment, so the gold looked more like spots. I let it dry for a few days.


I used a spray pump to cover the whole thing in wet look sealer. I went over it twice.

027 028

And tah-dah! It’s done. The pictures don’t do it justice! It’s so sparkly and pretty!


Now to build a fire pit.

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