You Will See Chris Hemsworth’s Naked, Unpixilated Butt in the New “Thor” Movie

You may have noticed that in some of the “Thor: Love and Thunder” trailers, there’s a scene where CHRIS HEMSWORTH is full-on naked.  From the back, of course.


Now, in the trailers, his backside is pixilated.  But director TAIKA WAITITI would like you to know that it’s not censored in any way in the movie.


On “The Late Show” the other night, he told STEPHEN COLBERT, quote, “With Chris, he’s worked so hard on that.  It’s so many squats!  It’d be depriving humanity if I didn’t show that.”


When Colbert pointed out that Taika also showed us Hulk’s naked butt in “Thor: Ragnarok”, he said, quote, “Some may say it’s an obsession, I just say it’s art.”

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