Zabriskie Law – What You Need To Know

Our friend Steve from Zabriskie Law stopped by to chat all about what a defense attorney does.

Did you know you get get a DUI off your prescribed anti-depressants? Being accused of a crime is no joke. Better call Zabriskie Law at 888-ZABRISK or visit

We have all had our fair share of bad weekends. Mix and our friends at Zabriskie Law Firm asked our listeners to tell us about theirs. You guys did not disappoint. Here are some of our favorite texts. 

1) Welcome home!


2) Double checking never killed anyone. 


3) Maybe T.V. wasn’t the best babysitter


4)  He didn’t even scream “Fore!”


5) This city absolutely loves parking tickets

6) R, R, & R – Rest, relaxation, and ramen 

7) It’s like he doesn’t even care about their relationship

8) Gotta update those autosave settings


9) When you’re driving in a Chevy and your pants are feeling heavy


These are pretty funny examples of bad weekends, but there’s absolutely nothing funny about being wrongfully convicted of a crime. If you find yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney, look no further than Zabriskie Law Firm. With offices in Salt Lake City and Provo, they’ll help fight to make sure you get treated fairly in the criminal justice system. 


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