What Does Your Zip Code Say About You?

Esri just put together an amazing map! It includes info on every single zip code in the United States.

They take the population data, income, education levels, and more to put this snapshot of each zip code together. Enter your zip code it will tell who populates it!

My neighborhood is Mostly composed of:

Married couples who are empty nesters or who have no children, we’re approaching retirement, but not slowing down. We’re sociable and hard-working. Even though we live farther out from large metros, our lifestyle is cultural and urbane; we support the arts and public radio/TV. We rely on advice from our financial planners, and hold a wide range of investments in our healthy portfolios. We still carry mortgages on our large and valuable single-family homes. Gardening and home improvement projects are priorities; however, we’ll also hire home care, maintenance, and personal care services. We go online for everything. Quality instead of price governs our shopping choices.

Next highest in my neighborhood is
“In Style” (That’s me!)

We’re professional couples or singles with strong work ethics and no kids. We embrace our urbane lifestyles that support the arts, travel, and extensive reading. To reflect our style, we focus on home maintenance and improvement; we’ll undertake remodeling projects ourselves or hire contractors. Always connected, we carry smartphones and use many of the features. Healthy investment income boosts our wages and net worth. Well-invested and well-insured, we’re already preparing for our retirement. When shopping, we check for the best prices and redeem both regular and mobile coupons for even better deals.

Followed by:
“Savvy Suburbanites”

We’re empty nesters or empty-nester wannabes who still have adult children living at home in established, owner occupied suburban neighborhoods. We’re well-educated, well-read, and well-capitalized. We research products prior to purchase, and seek quality instead of price. Technology is used for everything including communicating, shopping, banking, and staying current on the news. Even though we’re financially secure, we use a variety of resources for informed investing. We’re not afraid of debt and may carry first and second mortgages and a line of credit. Late-model SUVs, station wagons, and minivans may be in our driveways. We’re foodies and enjoy cooking; natural or organic products are preferred. We exercise, and buy top-of-the-line gear for golf and skiing. Good food and wine and cultural events are also not to be missed.

Who lives in your neighborhood? Check it out!

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